Web 2.0

Copyright, Copyleft, Fair Use, Creative Commons

30+ Places To Find Creative Commons Media – over 30 of the best resources online for audio, video, images and more.
Copyleft – Wikipedia Article
Copyright – Wikipedia Article
Copyright Basics – General Copyright & Fair use
Copyright Explained – Copyright and blogging
Copyright Myths – Relates to Internet use (US based)
Copyright Podcasting – Dealing with copyright (Australia)
Copyright Video – Disney Parody explanation of Copyright Law and Fair Use
Creative Commons – Share, Reuse and Remix – Legally
Creative Commons Video –¬†Explanation about Creative Commons
Creative Commons Searching – Search sites for CC licenced material

Legal Guidelines

Bloggers’s Code of Conduct – Wikipedia article
EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers – US Organisation & law
Plagiarism – Tutorial on how not to plagiarise
Podcasting Legal Guide – Covers all legal issues
Podcast Legal – Article on how to keep your podcast legal

Personalised Webpages

Edublogs – Use a static first page to create a personalised website
iGoogle – Create your own website using widgets
Netvibes – Create your own website using widgets
Pageflakes – Create your own website using widgets
Protopage – Create your own website using widgets
Qrowd – Create your own website using widgets
Webwag – Create your own website using widgets

Resource Pages

Mashable – Blogging toolbox 120+ tools
Mashable – Collaboration 60+ tools
Mashable – Essential Music and Audio Websites 90+ resources
Mashable – Flickr toolbox 100+ tools
Mashable – Photography tools 90+ resources
Mashable – Podcasting tools 70+ resources
Mashable – Productivity toolbox 30+ tools
Mashable – Search Engines and Directories 140+ websites
Mashable – Tagging 30+ tools
Mashable – Video aggregators reviewed
Mashable – Video tools 150+ resources
Mashable – Wiki toolbox 30+ tools
Top 25 Web2.0 Apps – Top 25 Web 2.0 Apps to Improve a Student’s/Tutor’s Productivity
Top 25 Web2.0 Apps – Top 25 Web 2.0 Apps to Help You LEARN

Searching the Web

Evaluating Web Pages – Techniques to apply & questions to ask
The Internet Detective – Tutorial explaining how to use the Internet for online research
Top 25 Niche Search Engines – Top 25 niche search engines
Top 25 Reference Sites – Top 25 Reference websites
Top 25 Web2.0 Search Engines – Top 25 Web 2.0 Search Engines

Specialised Search Engines

Creative Commons Search – Search for CC licensed material
Cuil – alternative to Google
facesaerch – search for faces
FindHow – the How To search engine
FlickrCC – Find and edit CC images on Flicker
KartOO – Visual search engine
Quintura – Visual search engine
Redzee -Visual search engine
Songza – Search for music
Technorati – Search engine for social media (including blogs)
VideoFetcher – search over 100 video sites
Viewzi – choose the type of search you need (ie text, audio, video)

Storage Sites

Box – Stores all documents (used to be free – all accounts now require payment)
DivShare – Unlimited free storage of all document types
MediaFire – Free storage for all documents (1GB)
Scribd – Stores all documents (download documents in different formats)

Wiki Sites

Downloadpedia – Free software listing
Wikimedia Foundation – Includes wikibooks (open content text books), wikicommons (media files), wikisource (library), wikispecies (directory of species), wikipedia (encyclopedia), wikiversity (learning tools), wiktionary, (dictionary and thesausus)
WikiEducator – Developing free content for eLearning
Wikivid – Free software video tutorials

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